Small Cleaning Projects to Boost Your Spirits

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans

It has been said that “A rolling stone gathers no moss” but a moving ceiling fan can sure get gross! This proves how dirty our indoor air can be, especially if you have pets. You will need a bucket with hot soapy water, ladder or step stool, drop cloth, wet and dry rags. The best way to get this done:

  • Turn off the fan.
  • Lay down the drop cloth under the fan and get a step stool or ladder and set it to *one side* of the fan (not directly under….you can lose your balance).
  • Climb high enough that you can comfortably reach the fan blades over your head.
  • With your wet rag, swipe the top side of each blade from the inside end out. This will get the initial dust and debris off. Rinse or turn your rag and repeat until it comes clean. If this fan is near your kitchen, it may have “grust” (a combination of grease from cooking and household dust) on it. This may take a few more swipes depending on how “clean” you want it.
  • On the same blade, with your rag rinsed out, wipe the edges of the blade and the visible underside. The outside end tends to be grimier. Wipe dry. Repeat for each blade.
  • Dust/wipe the top portion of the motor, and…you’re done! 

Clean Out Your Silverware Drawer

Getting things organized gives us a sense of accomplishment and control.  It’s also good to help battle stress! Here’s a task that gets bypassed…often.  Let’s talk about your eating utensil drawer. Often these cabinets have things in them that don’t belong there. Crumbs, wrapper pieces, and THERE’S that house key I was looking for! The best way to tackle this is:

  • Remove everything. Maybe give it all a fresh run through the dishwasher.
  • Use your vacuum to get the small debris, then wipe it out with a soapy rag and dry.
  • Sort out unused items and donate them.
  • Tray organizers can often be put in the dishwasher as well.
  • If you want to use a drawer liner or repaint, now would be the time.
  • Replace and reorganize!

Maybe this will motivate you to take on other small cleaning projects.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. 

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