How Better Home Organization Habits Will Help Keep Your Home Clean

As professionals in the cleaning business, we at The Cleaning Advantage focus on eliminating dust, dirt, bacteria, and toxins from your home. Regular scrubbing, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting keeps your home healthy and safe for the people and pets that live in it, while also creating a fresh smelling and clean feeling environment that promotes peace of mind and optimum health.

Organization Habits Will Help Keep Your Home Clean

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amounts of paperwork, toys, and “too much stuff“ everywhere?

However, there is a difference between a clean home and an organized home. It is easier to clean your home and keep it cleaner longer if it is better organized. And better home organization habits  adds to the peace of mind and clean feeling that you love. If you struggle to keep things from piling up and creating clutter on surfaces around the home, are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amounts of paperwork, toys, and “too much stuff“ everywhere, or just don’t know how to go about finding the best strategy and storage systems to maintain organization, then you are not alone. We hear from many of our clients that they would like to find secrets to keeping things organized so that they can better enjoy the feeling of “clean” we deliver, so for this post, we turned to our friends at for some helpful resources to get you thinking and acting more like an organized person.

The Cause of Disorganization

In order to address organization, sometimes it’s helpful to understand where the disorganization comes from in the first place.

Is it situational disorganization? Did a precipitating life event causes disruption and eventually disorganization in your life? Sometimes events like a big project at work, or an illness or divorce or caring for a relative can get us off track and things begin to pile up.

Is it habitual disorganization? Perhaps there are some bad habits in place that keep things from getting addressed in a timely and disciplined manner in order to maintain organization.

Thirdly, it’s possible that it could be historical disorganization where we repeat the history of how we grew up and the role that organization or disorganization may have played in our back story.

Understanding the root cause of the disorganization may be useful as a first step in addressing it.

Better Organization Habits

Look for ways to make changes to habits and processes.

Better Home Organization Habits Will Help – The Organization Process

After understanding what may be at the root cause for the lack of organization, the next step is to look for ways to make changes to habits and processes. It is important to understand that organization is not something that happens overnight. It is a process and requires a shift in routines and habits. It is important to set appropriate expectations and to start with the basics.

Defining your space, sorting your stuff, setting up storage systems and staying focused will eventually help you change the level of organization room by room, area by area, in your home.

Key Areas to Get Organized

Wondering which room or space to start with? Do you find yourself walking from room to room to room, feeling overwhelmed by each space. There are some key areas to organize that will make the most impact in your home. Whether you decide to start with closets, kitchen pantry, garage, basement, craft area, kids and toy room, home office, or even just that junk drawer in the kitchen, there are tools and tips and tricks available to help you get started. Take some time to ask friends what solutions work best for them or follow some suggestions from expert organizers Pinterest and There’s a lot of tips and tricks available for each type of room or space.

Keep Your Home Clean

Better Organization Habits Can Help You Keep Your Home Clean.

Creating Workable Organizing Habits Game Plan

Just like regular interval cleaning service that we provide either weekly, biweekly, monthly or seasonally helps to keep your home cleanliness maintained, so do regular intervals of organization projects. There are things you can do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to keep on top of your organizational game.

Expert organizer Karen Ussery says to ask yourself these seven questions before beginning any organizing project:

  • What do I need to have a place for?
  • Does it need to be within arm’s reach, or can it be put away?
  • What supplies will help me stay organized?
  • How can I label clearly so I remember the organizers’ functions?
  • Is this the easiest way, or is there a simpler way to do the same thing?
  • Do I like the way my system looks and functions?
  • How will I remind myself to use my new system until it becomes a habit?

Setting up some checklists of tasks will help you follow a master game plan for lifelong organization. In this article Professional organizer Candita Clayton of Your Life Organized makes it easy with manageable tasks for every day, week and month of the year. Whether you need daily motivation or a long-range plan, stick to this list and you’ll keep clutter and disorganization at bay.

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