6 Signs of a Dusty House That’s in Need of a Deep Cleaning

dusty house

Dust, dirt, and grime can build up quickly in your home, which may lead to allergies and other respiratory ailments. Not only is a dusty house bad for your health, but it also makes your surroundings look dingy and unattractive. If you’re wondering when it’s time for deep cleaning, read on for a list of…

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9 Tips to Remember When Cleaning a Bedroom

cleaning a bedroom

According to the Mayo Clinic, lack of sleep can lead to long-term health conditions like heart disease or even substance abuse. Lack of quality sleep can occur because of stress caused by an uncomfortable sleep environment.  A messy bedroom can disrupt your sleep. Cleaning your room is one way to avoid some of these serious…

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7 Professional Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Space Sparkling Clean

bathroom cleaning tips

Even though just thinking about cleaning the bathroom might make you feel icky, regularly cleaning your bathroom will keep it in sparkling condition, and make you happy to use it. If you don’t know the first thing about bathroom cleaning, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Read below for 7 bathroom cleaning tips that will…

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6 Signs You Need to Hire House Cleaning Services

house cleaning services

Being overcommitted in life might cause you to stop caring for yourself, and it might lead to neglecting other duties in your life – such as cleaning your house. Do you feel like you’re too busy to clean? If so, your house probably shows it. Fortunately, you can hire house cleaning services to handle these…

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9 Important Kitchen Cleaning Tips to Remember

kitchen cleaning tips

Spring is always the ideal time to clean house. The holiday season and all the chaos it brings has passed, and nothing is better than throwing open the windows to let the fresh spring air and sunlight into your clean house. But a lot of people seem to struggle with cleaning a kitchen. That’s because…

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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping a House Clean and Organized

keeping a house clean

Keeping your house tidy might feel like an unconquerable task. Along with all your other responsibilities, cleaning and organizing tend to fall down to the bottom of the list of priorities. But waking up or coming home to a tidy house is so much more comforting and relaxing than living in a disorganized mess. What’s…

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Small Cleaning Projects to Boost Your Spirits

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans It has been said that “A rolling stone gathers no moss” but a moving ceiling fan can sure get gross! This proves how dirty our indoor air can be, especially if you have pets. You will need a bucket with hot soapy water, ladder or step stool, drop cloth, wet and…

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Time to Live Your Best Life

spend more time doing the things we love

How many of us set New Year’s resolutions aiming to spend more time doing the things we love, spend more time with the ones we love, and spend more time doing things that really matter.  It all looks great as a goal on paper, but when it comes to actually trying to find ways to…

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Your Clean Home Holiday Survival Guide

Clean Home Holiday Survival Guide

The busy holiday season is in full swing.  There’s cooking, entertaining, shopping, wrapping, decorating, snowy days, and kids home on school break.  With all the hustle and bustle and flurry of activity and extra people around your home, you may notice things can get a little chaotic and even messy this time of year.  Here’s…

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How Better Organization Habits Will Help Keep Your Home Clean

Keep Your Home Clean

As professionals in the cleaning business, we at The Cleaning Advantage focus on eliminating dust, dirt, bacteria, and toxins from your home. Regular scrubbing, wiping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting keeps your home healthy and safe for the people and pets that live in it, while also creating a fresh smelling and clean feeling environment…

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