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Weekly House Cleaning Services

Weekly Cleaning is not quite as popular as bi-weekly. All items that are cleaned on a general cleaning are done on a weekly basis or every 7 days. Weekly house cleaning works well for the homes that get high use: multiple pets, multiple children, frequent parties or entertaining and very hectic work schedules. There are some homeowners that desire their home to be in tip top shape all the time and will elect to have weekly cleaning.

Biweekly House Cleaning Services

When deciding how often you'd like us to come clean there are a few tings to consider. Which frequency is best for you depends on the activity level of the house, the number of household members, the number of pers and of course, budget. Our most popular service is delivered on a biweekly basis. Our biweekly service will keep your home lookin its best throughout the month and will relieve you of most house cleaning chores. Literally, you will never have to clean a shower or toilet again!  How does that sound?

Monthly House Cleaning Services

Monthly Cleaning Services are performed every 28 days or every 4 weeks. All things that are cleaned on general cleaning are done on monthly cleanings. Monthly cleanings are great for homes that have light use, people who are single, as well as those that work a lot and are never home.

All of our new Recurring clients start with a Deep Clean. This ensures we get your home cleaned to our highest standards prior to maintaining it on a regular basis.

Covid-19 Precautions

With the current state of COVID-19, our team is taking extra precautions to make sure you and your home are safe and healthy!

  • Technicians wear a mask while in your home.
  • Equipment is completed sanitized between visits.
  • Technicians will maintain proper social distancing from your household members.

In an effort to help you keep your home both clean and sanitized, our technicians will use a hospital-grade disinfectant to clean areas often touched by family members, including bathroom and kitchen surfaces, switch plates, door knobs, etc. Regular sanitization will help prevent the spread of germs and viruses on surfaces.

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