Small Cleaning Projects to Boost Your Spirits

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans It has been said that “A rolling stone gathers no moss” but a moving ceiling fan can sure get gross! This proves how dirty our indoor air can be, especially if you have pets. You will need a bucket with hot soapy water, ladder or step stool, drop cloth, wet and…

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Getting Organized In The New Year

time to get organized

With the housework and the job, it’s easy to let clutter pile up as you tackle the tasks of your daily routine. The combination of dull weather and less social obligations help to make January a great time to get organized. With all of that Holiday Season shopping, hustle and bustle behind us, now we…

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Get Yourself an Organized and Clean Home with These Life Hacks

Organized and Clean Home with These Life Hacks

Cleaning can be quite a chore, especially when you have to juggle between tasks throughout the day. From waking up early to fix breakfast for the kids, to dealing with the stress at work; there’s no doubt you need a break. People created life hacks so we could do things in a more relaxed and…

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4 Root Causes of a Messy Closet (And How to Counter Them)

4 Root Causes of a Messy Closet

Do you have trouble finding things in your clothes closet because it is one, big mess? Do you have to rummage through a bunch of boxes to find that one pair of shoes, purse, or hat that you were looking for? Well then, something has to change! There is never a good enough reason or…

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15 Surprising Cleaning Hacks Using Vinegar


Your lovely grandma used it, and so did her grandmother. Now, it is time for you to learn one of the most useful and all-purpose cleaning staples around vinegar. It is more than just a common condiment in the kitchen. From showerheads to soapy heads, copper to microwaves, it is a handy, environmentally-safe alternative to…

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