A Reputable Cleaning Company Can be Trusted With Your House keys.

While it is understood it is not easy or even comforting to give a cleaning company a key or garage code to your home; here are some reasons why we prefer a key to your home for cleaning day. That’s why it’s so important to hire a reputable cleaning company so you know you can trust them with your keys and in your home when you are not present.

It’s Not A Good Idea To Leave your Home Unlocked

If you are typically in the habit of locking your doors; I want you to keep them locked when you are not home.  Leaving the door unlocked for the house cleaners to arrive can pose several problems.  The biggest one being safety.   I don’t want one of my cleaning employees entering a home that could be in the middle of a robbery or some type of home invasion.

Also Not A Good Idea To Leave Keys Under The Mat

When you leave your key under a mat or in a designated area it’s possible that someone could see where the key is being retrieved from and come back and use it later.  Leaving a key on top of the wood pile behind the green watering can under the deck is not a convenient plan, especially during the winter months.

Having A Key Ensured Your house Cleaner Can Gain Access To your Home For Your Scheduled Cleaning

The final scenario, and the one that may impact you the most is when you have left the door open before you leave for work, the dog walker, spouse or child comes home and leaves again and locks the door.  Your cleaner shows up to clean and the door is locked. You are at work and no one is around to let them in.  My employee loses the hours they were counting on, you don’t get your home cleaned because we can’t get in, and you have been charged a lock out fee.  It’s a lose lose situation.

The Cleaning Advantage Is A Reputable Cleaning Company You Can Trust!

When you are doing business with a reputable cleaning company with a proven track record of responsibility; giving them a key to enter your home safely is a benefit to you and the business. When you hire a professional cleaning company that is bonded and insured you are paying for the peace of mind of responsibility as well as accountability. Keeping client keys and managing them responsibility is a big priority for The Cleaning Advantage and makes getting your home cleaned easy and securely.

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