A Short Cleaning Checklist For the Upcoming Thanksgiving

Cleaning Checklist For the Upcoming Thanksgiving

Is it your turn to host the Thanksgiving this year? Yes, it is going to be a little difficult,  but that is only if you do not know where to start. First off, you must make sure that the house is ready for the coming event. Nobody wants to spend Thanksgiving in a house that looks like a scene from one of those terrible Halloween movies. So here is the Thanksgiving cleaning checklist for you to follow so you can make a great impression on that eventful day.


Ready the guest room

A family or friend could be staying for the night, so it is best that you prepare the guest room just in case. Perhaps, if you expect someone to stay overnight, then cleaning and sorting out the guest room is a must. That includes changing the bedding, checking the covers and curtains to see if they need washing.  Then removing anything that isn’t wanted in that room.  Last, dust thoroughly and sweep or vacuum if you have to carpet.

Clean the bathroom

The bathroom is basically the most easily distinguished sign of how clean the resident of the house is when it comes to sanitation. That is why you should make sure that you get rid of all the mold and unsightly stains very carefully. Declutter that bathroom counter. Check your supplies, make sure you have adequate toilet paper, kleenex, and hand soap. Then check the smell, perhaps you still need to use something so that it smells heavenly when you are done.

Sanitize the kitchen area

A dirty and messy kitchen could signify unsanitary food preparation for those foods that you will serve for Thanksgiving.  So as early as possible, remove all unnecessary things from your kitchen and clean it. The less clutter it has, the better it will look.

Also, start wiping off those stains around the sink and countertops. Those are usually the places that easily get noticed. Do not forget to pay attention to the kitchen floor. No matter how squeaky clean the countertops and the sink are if you forgot about the dirty looking floor, it will just leave a wrong impression all the same.

Attend to the living room area

This part of the house is probably the largest and also the one place most of the visitors will spend their time So make sure to change those old and dirty pillows and covers.  Put coasters out for your guests. Vacuum or sweep the whole area and make sure to remove unpleasant smells. Perhaps you want to purchase some of those cinnamon smelling pine cones to scent the air.

Fix the house

Make sure that most of those house repairs are done, if not all of them. Check the lights, your walkway, the fireplace & chimney, pipes and anything else that may need repair as early as possible. You do not want your Thanksgiving to be ruined when suddenly you get a blown a fuse or the lights that won’t work.

Adjust the lighting

If there are parts of the house that just couldn’t be deep-cleaned, you can do the remedy of putting dim lights or shifting the lights somewhere else so it will not get much attention. Perhaps you can use candle lights to give it more soothing ambiance while using bright lights on areas of the house that you can show off. This will help draw the eyes of your visitors away from those unsightly parts of the house.


This is the checklist of the areas of the house that will most likely get observed. This will cover most of your Thanksgiving cleaning tasks if you use it. Just allow yourself enough time to follow these suggestions and be prepared before the Thanksgiving guests arrive.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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