Reduce Family Stress by Hiring a Cleaning Service

Many people love clean homes, but not as many people love TO clean their homes.


Can outsourcing the job of cleaning your house to a professional house cleaning service reduce stress and improve your relationships? Read on to see the answer is Yes!

Household chores and cleaning tasks are a significant source for disharmony and arguments amongst married couples and families. Having two income career families, busier schedules, and larger homes are all factors that lead to stress about keeping the home clean and organized. As incomes have increased, consequently time has become more of a scarcity. People commonly feel like there is not enough time in the day to get all the necessary things done, requiring them to make choices on how to best spend their time and money. In a survey of marriage counselors, stress about household chores ranks in the top three reasons couples seek help.

Can outsourcing the job of cleaning your house to a professional house cleaning service reduce stress and improve your relationships?
Read on to see the answer is Yes!

A study by assistant professor Whillans at Harvard Business School, titled Buying Time Promotes Happiness, takes a look at how people navigate trade-offs between time and money. The research shows that people who buy in to positive experiences lead happier lives. Subsequently, the study looks at how buying our way out of negative experiences is another key to happiness. In other words, the people who outsource the things that cause them stress and take away time from things they enjoy, like cleaning their house, tend to be less stressed and they enjoy improved marital and family relationships.

Here’s three ways that hiring a cleaning service can reduce stress in your household:

  1. Having your home cleaned on a regular schedule helps to maintain continual cleanliness and allows a daily maintenance routine of tidying and organization Organization and a sense of order is known to help reduce stress.
  2. Stress can be caused from unmet expectations and disappointment. Having an idea of how you’d like your house to look and be cleaned but not having enough time to meet the expectation yourselves can lead to the feeling of always having the job hanging over your head. Women especially tend to carry this responsibility and often get pushback and non compliance from other family members when asking for help. Outsourcing to a cleaning service relieves this stress and burden from the family.
  3. The most significant way that hiring a reliable home cleaning service reduces stress is by freeing up the time to do other preferred activities. The research showed that couples and families that invested money to take care of non-preferred tasks like cleaning their home, bought their time back to enjoy it for more quality time spent together and this improved daily happiness and quality of relationships, ultimately resulting in less stress.

In summary, stress is a known factor in heart disease, auto-immune disorders, digestive health and mental health. Any steps to reduce stress are steps in a positive direction, including managing the cleaning of your home. Hiring a cleaning service may seem at first glance a luxury expense, but when viewed as a time-money trade off consideration in reducing stress, it has been shown by research to be well worth the money invested into wellbeing, harmony in your household relationships and quality time with your loved ones.

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