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4 Hour Cleaning, 6 Hour Cleaning, 8 Hour Cleaning, 10 Hour Cleaning

4 Hours Of Cleaning

4 Hours of cleaning may seem like a lot however, if the home has never been professionally cleaned it's not a lot and we recommend prioritizing what you would like done in these 4 hours. Kitchen and bathrooms are a good start and any balance of time can be reserved for common areas of home such as family room, living and dining area. If your home is already at a maintenance level of clean and not a lot of dust and soil buildup it might be a good fit. It's best to discuss your home size and condition when you call for the appointment and we can let you know if we think that 4 hours will be enough time.

6 Hours Of Cleaning

6 Hours is good for a modest size home, under 2000 square feet. This will not be a Top To Bottom Deluxe cleaning however will make a nice dent in the condition of home if the home has never been professionally cleaned.

8 Hours Of Cleaning

8 Hours is a solid amount of cleaning for homes that have never been professionally cleaned before. This will likely cover most parts of the home for homes that are 2000-2500 Square Feet. Please ask for details when you are booking the appointment.

10 Hours Of Cleaning

10 Hours of cleaning is when you are getting into Top To Bottom Deluxe Cleaning where everything in the home is wet washed down, all baseboards, wood work, doors, door frames, ceiling fan blades all hand washed with hot soapy water. This is our most popular cleaning for move in- move out- Spring cleaning or getting the home up to maintenance level for recurring cleaning. You can get more information when you call and we can walk you through what you will need given the size of the home and degree of buildup.


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