Now Offering Laundry & Light Cleaning Services

Laundry service has been a highly requested service and we are finally implementing this offer to our clients. This is a separate service that requires a two hour minimum, however we will be offering light cleaning in addition to the laundry. During your first appointment we will give you a complimentary 15 minutes to walk through your laundry instructions as well as washing machine operation. This will ensure a successful laundry appointment!

Laundry- Sort, Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away

Separate– Lights, Darks, Towels, Sheets

Everything is washed on the quick wash cycle and dried on the quick dry setting. We do not use bleach as it is a liability however we will use fabric softener.

Collection: We will collect all clothing from the hamper and from the floors. If you do not want certain items washed please make sure not to put them in main hamper and make sure items are not on the floor. We will not be responsible for damaging items that were not intended for washing machine if they are mixed in with items intended for the wash.

While your laundry is being done we will offer Light Cleaning: This will include kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, mirrors, toilets, load dishwasher, general straightening up as well as vacuuming (no mopping).

The light cleaning consists of items that can be done during the wash/dry cycles. No, we don’t want your cleaner to be sitting on the couch watching Maury during the wash and dry cycles! We can provide a general checklist to help prioritize what items are most important to you. Our light cleaning does not include any heavy cleaning items such as scrubbing tubs or showers.

Ideally your laundry service would be scheduled between your regular cleaning service on another day and can be set up for weekly or bi-weekly.

Up to 2 hours $80

Up to 3 hours $120

Up to 4 hours $160

Please give us a call at 978-779-6646 or email us back

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