General Cleaning Services in Lancaster MA

General cleanings are for homes that are at or near maintenance level of cleaning and generally take half the time of a top to bottom deluxe cleaning. They are great for when you just do not have the time to tackle your regular cleaning on your own and need some help. We do add on a little bit of extra time to tackle any buildup of soap scum in the shower or more than normal amount of grease in the kitchen.

Dusting of all furniture, window ledges, baseboards, and trim, using an extension duster on baseboards and ceiling fan- no hand washing of woodwork.
Cleaning and scrubbing all bathrooms as well as kitchen.
Outside of all appliances
Dusting pics on the wall using normal dusting practices
Dusting light fixtures, glass globes etc.
Cleaning slider glass inside and out weather permitting.
Straightening out pillows, blankets, magazines, and shoes.
Emptying all trash in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen
General cleanings do not involve removing a lot of heavy buildup of soil and dust.

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