Tips for a Cleaner Smelling Home

Dust and vacuum the heavy trafficked areas

Dust and vacuum the heavy trafficked areas in between visits from your cleaning service.

One of the best parts of having your home cleaned by a cleaning service is walking in to not only a visually clean space but also a clean and fresh smelling space. When dust and mildew and bacteria sources are removed from the home, the bad smells that go with them are removed as well. Did you know that dust is actually made up of particles of dead skin, pet hair, dust mites, insect droppings, pollen and other tiny bits of paper fibers, minerals and dirt? No wonder it can offer a stale and unpleasant odor if left unattended. Besides regular thorough dusting, vacuuming and surfaces cleaning from your cleaning service, here are some additional tips for keeping your home smelling its freshest in between cleanings.


Open windows and air the rooms outAiring out stale air and replacing it with new air from time to time will help with the air quality in your home, which not only smells better but is good for your immune system as well.

Clean your garbage disposal—Using baking soda, vinegar and citrus peels in your garbage disposal, you can remove build up of food particles that can cause bacteria and odor.

Clean your garbage disposal

Use baking soda, vinegar and citrus peels in your garbage disposal to remove smells.

Use a trash can deodorizer—A small open box of baking soda or homemade baking soda tablets at the bottom of your trash or garbage can can help absorb and neutralize odor.

Light a quality candle—Soy and other clean burning candles scented naturally are best for the air quality, and their aromatherapy benefits are pleasing to the nose and the mood.

Spray Linens or pillows—Freshening your sheets or pillows with an enzyme spray helps to remove skin cells and dust mites that can cause odors in between laundering.

Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils can add a pleasing aromatherapy to your personal spaces.


Diffuse essential oils—Therapeutic-grade essential oils can add a pleasing aromatherapy to your personal spaces. Different oils offer different benefits. Lemon or citrus are great choices for lifting one’s mood and creating a feeling of fresh and clean.

Enjoy fresh flowers—Bringing a bit of nature into the home in the way of fresh flowers can brighten the room and provide an enchanting natural scent. Try Hyacinth, Freesia, Roses, Sweet Pea or Lily blossoms.

Clean or replace sponges—Sponges provide the perfect breeding ground for microscopic bacterial organisms that cause odor. Sanitize a wet sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes to kill 99 percent of the odor causing bacteria. Or soak in vinegar for five minutes and then rinse well.

Clean pet areas—Pet hair, dander, dead skin cell, slobber and outdoor dirt get trapped in your pet’s favorite sleeping spot. Regular washing of your pet and pet’s bedding will keep pet odor at bay as will regular cleaning of pets bowls, litter boxes and toys.

Dust and vacuum the heavy trafficked areas—It’s not illegal to dust or vacuum in between visits from your cleaning service. In fact, it can help keep your home smelling its freshest. Make sure to regularly empty the bag or canister in your vacuum cleaner as trapped dust, dirt, and dust mites will cause your vacuum cleaner to be the source of stale odor.

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