Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Ah, the kitchen. It is one of the most used areas in your home. And yet this is where you prepare and eat your food! Which is exactly why you should clean it on a regular basis. However, cleaning every day does sound like a massive chore, don’t you think? Still, kitchens need to be cleaned up after each meal is served.  

You can choose to do some light cleaning though. Then schedule a weekly or monthly general cleaning. You can also hire a professional house cleaning service with maids who are trained to do the best home cleaning service for your house cleaning needs.

But hiring expert cleaning professionals doesn’t mean you don’t clean at all. It’s important that you still maintain a schedule for regular kitchen cleaning tasks especially those that need to get done every day.

And with that, here are some kitchen cleaning hacks you can do.

Use Baking Soda for Cleaning

Yes, it’s not just for making the scrumptious cakes rise. Baking soda can also help you get rid of those pesky stains without the smell of chemicals. It’s very efficient and cheap. Just mix baking soda with water and use it as a cleaner for your stove and other cleaning appliances.

You can also use baking soda to make your stainless steel shine. You don’t have to worry about your dirty sink and drain anymore!

The Cleaning Magic of Vinegar

You might’ve heard this countless times. You might’ve even done this yourself. Almost no one is a stranger to using vinegar as a cleaning agent. You can use vinegar to unclog your garbage disposal. Remove the grease from your sink. You can also use it to take care of that unpleasant smell from your fridge.

Vinegar is also a friendly agent because you can mix it with other stuff. Vinegar and baking soda are the best partners when it comes to cleaning. Mix them together and form a paste. It is guaranteed to remove the grease from your oven and leave it shining.

Use Oil to Remove Grease

Ironic, right? However, this is just as useful as curing a hangover by drinking a glass of alcohol in the morning. Get rid of that grease on your stove and other parts of the kitchen with Mineral oil or lemon oil for the best results.

Sanitize Your Sponges

Just because you use it for cleaning doesn’t mean you don’t clean it too. The dirt they remove has to go somewhere, you know. So here’s a sanitizing hack for your trusted sponges. Well, at least before they get so old that you have to replace them.

Microwave your sponges while they are wet for two minutes. Studies found that the radiation that your microwave shoots kill 99% of the harmful bacteria and microbes.

Kool-Aid for Dishwasher Cleaning

Just like your sponges, your dishwasher does the cleaning. However, it also needs cleaning. An effective way to clean your dishwasher is to use Kool-Aid. Just add a packet of Kool-Aid to the dishwasher’s soap holder and run a cycle to clean it.

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