Did you know, a survey found that 41.8% of Americans hate cleaning toilets? Yet, the main bathroom still gets cleaned on average 7 times a month.

When your household uses the toilet seat every day, you will want to know how to deep clean a toilet properly. Keeping to a cleaning schedule, you will find the overall job a lot quicker than if you spread it out. 

As mentioned above, most people tend to clean their toilets once a week. Keep reading to find the best way to do this.

The First Step in How to Deep Clean a Toilet Is Preparation

Before you start any job, you need to make sure you fully prepare for it first. Gather your equipment together before you start your project. 

This doesn’t just apply to cleaning. You don’t want to get halfway through any job and realize you are missing something. 

This will cause you to stop what you are doing to go and get it. Don’t prolong each cleaning job, or you will take a very long time to complete them all.

What Supplies Do You Need?

Let’s take a look at everything you’ll need to get your toilet looking and feeling like new. 


The first thing you will want to invest in is a decent pair of cleaning gloves. Gloves will keep your hands clean during the process. 


A good disinfectant spray is a key supply item to your cleaning kit. These don’t have to be overly expensive. They just have to be strong enough for the job.


All good cleaners use a toothbrush for those hard-to-reach places. Go out and buy a cheap toothbrush to add to your cleaning kit.

Cleaning Solution

Using a toilet bowl cleaning solution will help for the inside areas. This can be a homemade solution, or you can purchase one from the store.

Toilet Brush

A clean and healthy-looking toilet brush. If your current toilet brush is looking a little old, it’s time for an upgrade.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning. Try and invest in flushable ones for ease of disposing.

Pumice Stone on a Stick

Pick up a pumice stone on a stick. They are available from Amazon or most retail stores, and they will last you a while.

Start With the Floor

Are you cleaning your entire bathroom or just the toilet? Either way, it’s recommended to clean the floor around the toilet both at the start and the end. 

Around half the population of the earth has been known to ‘miss’ from time to time. We all know which half that is.

Keep this in mind when you start your toilet cleaning. You don’t want to be kneeling, giving the toilet a deep clean without cleaning the floor first.

You will also want to give it a wipe-over afterward. This is because you may make a mess on the floor whilst cleaning certain parts of the toilet.

Move to the Outside

Now the floor is sanitized, you can start on your toilet. Focus your early attention on the outside of the toilet.

It’s all well and good to make the inside clean but make the outside sparkle too. Imagine how people will see your bathroom when they visit. You will want it to look the best it can look.

Spray the entire outside of your toilet with a healthy amount of your disinfectant spray. Leave the spray to sit for around 5 minutes. Doing this will allow the chemicals to soak into the dirt, making it easier to clean off.

Check Every Nook and Cranny

There will be a lot of hard-to-reach places that some people may forget about. Make sure you reach around to all parts behind the toilet that you cannot see.

When cleaning the toilet seat, remember the toilet seat attachments. Flip up the covers and get a toothbrush in to scrub away the dirt.

Search the entire toilet from top to bottom. Check you have reached every spot.

Clean the Inside of the Bowl

Whilst the outside of the toilet is soaking, start cleaning the inside of the bowl. Before you start cleaning, a helpful tip would be to shut the water valve off at the toilet’s base and flush.

This will remove the water from your toilet without it filling up again. Now you can truly dig deep with your cleaning.

Healthily apply your toilet bowl cleaner. Don’t forget to reach under the rim of the bowl. Leave your toilet bowl cleaner to soak into the dirt for around 5 minutes.

Tackle the Tough Stains

You may notice some overly tough stains on your toilet bowl. This could be due to hard water within your home.

The best way to remove these stains is to use a pumice stone on a stick. The pumice stone will help rid you of those stains without scratching the bowl.

Give the Toilet a Good Wipe Down

Once you have let your cleaning solutions soak, grab your paper towels and give everything a pipe down. Quick tip, clean from the bottom to the top to minimize the mess made on the floor.

If you use some flushable paper towels, you can throw them into the toilet after you have finished.

All that’s left is to turn your water back on and flush. This will clear the toilet bowl cleaner and paper towels.

Sanitation, Sanitation, Sanitation

Before you pack away all your supplies, make sure to clean them properly first. You won’t want to use dirty supplies the next time you go to clean the toilet. 

Use a disinfectant agent, or you could use bleach. Whatever your method, ensure that every single piece of equipment is clean and ready for you next time.

Leave Your Toilet Sparkly Clean

Now you know how to deep clean a toilet. Which methods will you use?

Will you start with the floor? Will you beat those tough stains? Will you remember to hit every nook and cranny?

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