Home Inspections: Keeping the Order and Cleanliness of Your Home

You know that wonderful feeling of kicking back and relaxing after cleaning and tidying up? When all you do is sip on a cold one while you admire the cleanliness of your home? Well, it’s a great feeling indeed! What isn’t such a good feeling is seeing that spotless house transform into one that has lost all order and shine!

Yes, maintaining a clean and organized house requires time and effort. The key to achieving this is to do daily house inspections to ensure that things are in order and that each room is clean. You probably think that this requires daily home cleaning and you’re right! However, over the course of the day, your freshly cleaned and organized home may get a little dirty and untidy; that’s when home inspections will help you keep order and cleanliness in check!

Room by Room Home Inspections Guide

1. Bedrooms

Bedrooms are one the most frequently ‘messed up’ rooms because of the various activities that take place in them. You’ll often find clothes on the bed, cosmetics and accessories cluttering up the dresser and all kinds of electronics and chargers on the bedside tables. Yes, this is a very likely scene at the end of the day in spite of cleaning and tidying up the room that very morning! Here’s our suggestion; get into the habit of doing a quick inspection each time you walk into your bedroom. Chances are you’ll find a hairbrush lying out of place that will only take a couple of seconds to put back. Leave it as is and you’ll probably have three more things lying out of place the next time you come in!

2. Bathrooms

In the bathroom, the most common ‘messes’ can be found on the floors in the form of stains or marks. This is because water is splashed around when you wash your hands or take a shower (obviously!) Then you have people walking in and out, leaving dirty marks with their footwear. To tackle them, keep a bathroom cleaning solution in a spray bottle and a long-handled broom in the bathroom that you can use to spot clean floors with when you inspect at the end of the day. Also, try to keep the floors dry as much as possible by using a squeegee to push water into the drain and a clean cloth or mop to wipe up any dampness.

3. Kitchen

From dirty dishes in the sink to spilled foods on your stovetop or counters; there are plenty of areas and components that can get dirty in your kitchen rather quickly. What’s more, various kitchen tools/items are used by household members and left to clutter up kitchen spaces. To avoid this, unload and load your dishwasher as and when needed or wash dishes before they pile up; clean up spills immediately; and instruct other family members to put things away and wipe up any crumbs or spills if they caused it. Inspect dinner to make sure things are clean and in order in your kitchen.

4. Living Room

This could also be your ‘drawing room’, ‘TV room,’ ‘sitting room’ or ‘family room’; whatever you may call it, there are many causes of untidiness in this room. From couch pillows bunched up to gadgets lying around on your furniture; it’ll only take a couple of seconds to straighten out the couch and pick up your belongings before you leave the room. Similarly, the next time you come in, scan the room to check if anything is out of place and do the needful!

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