A Good Green Clean Should Be Part of Your Holiday Plan


It’s a great time for a good home cleaning.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s celebrations hot on the heels thereafter, it’s time to be thinking about your shopping, cooking and entertaining plans for the weeks ahead.

With all that goes into making the holidays special, it’s also a great time to be thinking about treating your home to a good cleaning.

The following post offers some food for thought about ways that a home cleaning service, and specifically a green cleaning service, can add to your holiday enjoyment by creating an environment that is best for your schedule, your home, your family and guests, and our planet.

Here’s five reasons to make a good green clean be part of your holiday plans:

1. Your Favorite Holiday Activities
Shopping, wrapping presents, decorating, cooking, baking, crafts, singing, trimming a tree, entertaining…what is your favorite part of the holiday season? Everybody has their favorites when it comes to holiday traditions and activities. However, very few people would likely list “cleaning the house” as their favorite holiday activity. Hiring a cleaning service to do the cleaning frees up more of your time to do the things that make your holidays special. No one wants to spend the weekend cleaning when you could be spending time with the people you love doing the fun holiday activities that bring you more joy. Whether for a one time seasonal or special clean, or on an ongoing regular interval basis, outsourcing the cleaning to a third party service provider will be a sure way to enhance your holidays this year. Make sure to choose a cleaning service provider that is professional, reliable, insured and affordable and one that is committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment.

2. Decorations and Dusting
When it’s time to break out the boxes marked Fall or Winter Decorations, some of us just get downright giddy. Placing treasured seasonal objects around our house adds to the beauty of the season and our home, and reminds us of this special time of year. Decorating the home and trimming a Christmas tree often means rearranging existing decor, moving furniture, and probably stirring up some dust and exposing some dust bunnies in the process, possibly on surfaces that maybe haven’t been touched in a while like mantles, tables, banisters, shelves, corners, etc. A good cleaning of your home using the right green cleaning products will help keep dust at bay this season and keep your beautiful decorations as the focus. In a recent green cleaning survey in Cleaning Business Today magazine, microfiber cloths and mops were shown to be a major component of green cleaning. Microfiber actually attracts and removes the dust particles from the surface instead of just pushing or spreading dust around like standard rag or cloth. Cleaning with a microfiber dusting cloth or mop will help keep the surface cleaner longer as there is no need for cleaning sprays or dusting oils, which can leave a residue that actually attracts and shows more dust and dirt over time.

3. Cooking, Cooking and More Cooking
For many, a favorite holiday activity may be cooking and baking up all the special treats and holiday feasts that are part of this special season. Kitchens tend get used more heavily this time of year. Counter appliances, cookie sheets, large roasting pans and special occasion serving platters all make their appearance in the holiday cooking line up. And when dealing with thawing and stuffing large birds, messy kitchen craft projects, ingredient-cluttered countertops and the inevitable batter splatter, extra clean up detail is necessary in the kitchen. A thorough kitchen clean from a cleaning service before, during and after this holiday heavy use is a good idea to sanitize surfaces, minimize germs, help maintain appliances for best performance and keep surfaces sparkling. Green cleaning in the kitchen is sometimes looked at with some skepticism. Do green cleaning products clean as well as traditional cleaning chemicals and effectively keep a kitchen sanitary and sparkling? An article in Green Cleaning Magazine takes a look at the facts and myths around green cleaning and weighs in on what is safe, effective and healthiest for your home and family. Turns out bleach, a one time preferred cleaning agent for killing germs in the kitchen, is no longer your safest bet. A cleaning service provider that is committed to green cleaning will be able to get your kitchen to its cleanest without compromising the health and wellness of your family members with the use of toxic and dangerous chemicals.

4. Welcoming Your Guests
One of the best ways to share the joy of the season with friends and family members is by inviting them into our homes. Entertaining guests is a traditional part of the holidays that dates back early in history. And an important part of entertaining is cleaning and preparing our home. Whether guests are coming just for dinner, for the day, or for an extended overnight visit, they will feel most comfortable in a home that is clean, organized and welcoming. A good green clean by your cleaning service provider will ensure that your home is ready for guests. Safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaning products will not leave behind the chemical smells, residual dirt and dust, detergents and perfumes that may be bothersome to allergy-prone or sensitive guests. A clean home will highlight your decorations and your hospitality, adding to the joy of any holiday entertaining in your home.

5. Sit Back, Relax and Breathe
With all the flurry of activity over these next few weeks, self care will be even more important than ever. Your holiday to-do list may be growing, and perhaps so is your level of stress as you look at a busy calendar, write out your holiday cards or make your shopping lists. What better way to treat yourself this season than to have your home cleaned. Wouldn’t it be great to come home from a busy day of taking care of your favorite holiday arrangements, to a well-organized, fresh-smelling, clean home. So, this holiday season, give yourself the gift of a good green cleaning of your home. This just might allow you, during the busiest time of year, to take a few moments to sit back, relax, breathe and reflect on the true meaning of the season.

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