First Time Cleaning Service Promotional Offers

New Clients Take 20% Off Your First Time Cleaning In March-April

Try It. You’ll Like It.

First Time Cleaning Service Promotional Offers

Try It. You’ll Like It. Thinking of hiring a cleaning service?

Thinking of hiring a cleaning service? As with any service provider decision, you will likely be looking to find a provider you can trust, one that has a reputation for quality and dependability and of course delivers a good value for the money. A solid referral or glowing testimonials from other cleaning clients may help in making your decision. Perhaps an easy to navigate website that clearly outlines the room by room cleaning details and company values will help you learn more about the provider. Even a friendly conversation, email exchange or favorable quoting process may influence your decision. All these things are important factors in making a decision, but nothing will speak as loudly as actually test driving the cleaning service itself. This is why promotional offers for a first time cleaning are a great way to get started. When a cleaning service provider offers a first time cleaning service promotional offer, it’s like their way of saying “Try it. You’ll like it.”

Save Money While Making Your Decision

Unfortunately, due to overhead costs and schedules, it’s not usually feasible from a business perspective for most providers to be able to offer a full-service test drive cleaning service completely free of charge. However, a discount promotion for first time clients will let you experience the cleaning service firsthand in order to make a decision without paying full price. Service providers generally appreciate the opportunity to let their finished result shine to help you make your final decision. Imagine it as a way of them saying “Try it for less. You’ll like it.”

Confident Builds Trust

A good cleaning service provider will be confident that after giving their service a trial run, you will be satisfied and interested in continuing in an ongoing relationship. This confidence comes from years of running their business well, expertise in cleaning, and a long list of satisfied clients. That is why a confident provider can happily offer a discount promotion for new clients to get started. Promotional offers can be instrumental in creating a service engagement relationship between client and provider that is built on trust and confidence. It’s like their way of saying “Try it for less. You’ll like it so much that you will hire us on an ongoing basis.”

Timing is Everything

Most smart cleaning service providers will rotate several promotional offers throughout the year. This helps them test which offers are effective in generating new clients, retaining and rewarding existing clients and obtaining good referrals. For this reason, as a prospective new client looking for a first time service discount promotion, you will want to pay close attention to the expiration date of any promotional offer being offered. In order to get the cost savings that goes along with a test run of the cleaning service, timing is everything. Don’t delay in making the call to set up that initial cleaning appointment. Upon completion of the cleaning, then you can evaluate for yourself if you would like to continue with regular scheduled services.


New Clients Take 20% Off Your First Time Cleaning In March-April

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