Do I need a Deep Cleaning?

Does my home need a deep clean or an initial cleaning?

That’s a great question.  Not every home will need an initial or deep cleaning to bring it up to maintenance levels, however most do.  If you have never had a professional cleaning service that likely may be the case.

Having a deeper clean on the first clean will bring the house up to a level standard of clean that will make it easier to maintain on a bi-weekly cleaning basis. If, however you have had a professional service in to clean within the last month or so a deep cleaning may not be in order unless of course the prior service was doing very subpar work which of course happens.


Here are some checks you can do to gauge whether you may be in need of a deeper first-time cleaning.

  1. Do your baseboards and ceiling fans have beards?
  2. Can you feel/see soap scum build up or stains in your bathtub, toilets or shower?
  3. If you run your hand under furniture that you can actually get your hand under; does it come away dusty?
  4. Can you see some cob webs up high in the corners where walls meet the ceilings? How about across window treatments and picture frames.
  5. Can  you feel dust or grime when you run your hand over your window ledges or sills?
  6. Is there visible dust on door molding or wainscoting?
  7. Do your heat registers have dust on top of them or in them?
  8. How about your kitchen cabinets; do they look like they have seen better days?
  9. Can you write your name in the dust on your furniture?
  10. What about the bathroom floor behind the toilet where the floor meets the wall?
  11. Top of the refrigerator if accessible does it feel greasy or grimy?
  12. Stove hood feels rough?
  13. Light fixtures/globes have a buildup of dust or greasy feeling?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these items, you will be in need of a deeper cleaning on the first cleaning visit. If you are still unsure, please feel free to call me 978-779-6646 and we can go over it together over the phone.

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