Difference Between Deep Cleaning VS Regular Cleaning

What is the difference between a deep clean and a regular cleaning?


This is a question that I get asked a lot.  The short answer is time. That’s right; deep cleanings take more time to complete.

The longer answer- Everything that is done on a deep cleaning is done on a regular maintenance cleaning visit with the exception of cleaning inside the oven and refrigerator which is done less often mostly on a semiannual basis. The difference between a deep cleaning and regular maintenance cleaning is  the deeper cleaning is generally what we refer to as more “wet” cleaning.

On an initial cleaning, surfaces typically have to be wet washed down with hot soapy water. (not your furniture of course) Maintenance cleaning on the other hand can be handled by damp wiping on regular cleaning visits.

If a surface has been neglected for some time; not only will there need to be more soap and water but also much more elbow grease involved to get that surface to come clean.

If you have ever spent a Saturday morning scrubbing the soap scum off your shower walls you can relate.  It takes a lot of time and elbow grease to get that soap scum off.  When you go to clean it the following week it should be quick and easy as all of your scrubbing was done last week and now you are just maintaining it, so it is not allowed to build up again. The gold is in making sure it is done on a regular basis otherwise you will be giving those bi-ceps another works out in a just a few short weeks.


Baseboards, wood work, door frames and window ledges often need the hot soapy water treatment on an initial cleaning.  Future cleans however can be maintained by damp dusting them on a regular basis.

Cleaning under furniture is where the floor is accessible is always done on maintenance cleaning however during a deep clean it may be necessary to move furniture away from the wall to get behind and underneath.

There it is… in a nutshell, having to use more soap and water, elbow grease and moving furniture is what will add to your cleaning time on a first-time cleaning visit.  If you have any questions or concerns about what we can deep clean for you please call me 978-779-6646 and I am happy to speak to you.

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