Cleaning Fee

Your house cleaning fee is based on how long it takes to clean your home and of course make you happy. Your cleaning fee does break down to an hourly rate of $40.00 per labor hour. An example would be if two persons are in your home for 2 hours or 4 labor hours that would be a cleaning fee of $160.00. All first time/deep cleans are billed at an hourly rate of $45.00 per labor hour. Once your cleaning fee is established, it will not change unless conditions in your home  have changed.



A credit card is required when you sign on for cleaning service and will be billed on the day of your cleaning. All major credit cards are accepted for payment. We do not accept cash or checks as the financial end of the business is electronically automated.



We prefer that you leave us with a key to your home or garage door combination for easy access. If you typically lock your doors and leave the door unlocked on the day of cleaning, we will ask that you sign a key liability waiver  holding us harmless in the event your home is jeopardized before we arrive. If we are locked out of your home on your scheduled cleaning day, full cleaning fees will apply.



It is understood that it is sometimes necessary to cancel your cleaning visit. We require a two-business day notification of cancel during normal business hours, 8:00-5:00. We understand that emergencies do arise and will handle them on a case by case basis.


School Vacations

If it is necessary to cancel service during a school holiday week because you are going to be away on vacation or it is just inconvenient to have your home cleaned, a two-week notice of cancellation is appreciated so that we may fill your spot with another cleaning and keep your team busy while you are away.



When there is a storm in progress on your scheduled cleaning day–ice, snow, thunderstorms, etc.–it will be a judgment call made by the office as to whether the staff will be going out that day. If we do have to cancel your visit due to severe weather conditions, every effort will be made to get the cleaning done as soon as possible.


Snow and Ice

Please keep driveway, walkways, and stairs shoveled, sanded and salted so our staff can access your home without getting injured. If you feel that we may not be able to access the home because of the conditions, please call the office in advance to let us know. If we arrive at your home and can’t access the driveway or walkway due to snow and ice full cleaning charges may apply unless other arrangements have been made.


Summer and Heat

The summer time is perfect for going to the beach, visiting the cottage at the lake, or just sitting in the shade reading a book. The summer heat however is not so great when you have to clean it. We ask that you keep your air conditioning on the day of your cleaning so  the staff can do their work efficiently and comfortably. If your home is too hot the day of cleaning, we may have to reschedule.


Cleaning Times

Arrival times are roughly the same time each visit. However, we do not make time specific appointments. We have three arrival windows for each day. 8:30-10:30, 10:30-12:30, 12:30-2:30. Your scheduled cleaning will fall into one of these time frames.


Cleaning Protocol

If you are going to be home while the staff is cleaning. We do ask that you don’t hover over them or direct them. The staff is trained to use a particular system for cleaning your home in the most efficient and effective manner. If they can’t follow the system that they are trained on, it disrupts the whole balance and usually causes lost productivity, time, and unfortunately, the margin of error goes up. We also request that pets and children avoid the areas we are cleaning. We love pets and children and use environmentally safe products, but there are still some dangers having pets and children in the immediate area.


Conditions on Cleaning Policies

When we arrive to clean your home we  need to be able to access the areas and surfaces that you would like cleaned. We ask that you pick up the home before we arrive–toys, clothing, wet towels, mail, newspapers, tools, dirty dishes, etc., so we can do the best possible cleaning and not be spending your cleaning time picking up.


We do not pick up pet droppings, body fluids, or sanitary products. We will sweep cat litter but do not clean out litter boxes. Dishes are not typically part of your cleaning. However, we will do a couple of dishes or put them in your dishwasher. We feel our time can be better spent cleaning than doing dishes! Of course, if this is something that you feel you will need, we will make arrangements for cleaning policies that will be available to you.