How to Keep a Fur Free Home without Shaving Your Pet!

fur-free home

If you have a furry pet, you probably have the difficulty of having a fur-free home too! It’s inevitable; as much as you try to curb the amount of fur your pet sheds, you can never fully stop pet hair from making its way around the house. So, the only option you have with is to clean it up. But here’s the best part; cleaning pet fur is much easier than you think it is or has found it to be in the past. All you need is to follow these highly efficient DIY cleaning hacks, and your home will be a fur-free home zone (well, at least for a while!)

  1. Rubber Gloves to Furry Gloves!

This tip is for your furniture and upholstery to have a fur-free home. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and maneuver your hands over fur that has settled on household surfaces and sofas/linen. Pet hair clings to rubber making it easy to pick up with minimal effort! Of course, your gloves are going to get furry and less efficient as you go along so be sure to rinse them out at intervals. You can wipe them as dry as possible with a towel but bear in mind that even damp rubber gloves work fantastically well to remove fur. Just make sure that the surface you’re wiping is not prone to water damage.

  1. Fur Free Floors? Yes, Please!

Floors have the most fur because that’s where your pets play, run and roll around. But have you noticed how vacuuming carpets don’t get out all the fur? That’s because some of it is either tangled up in the weave or snuggled in too deep. But fear not because there is a rather simple solution to this; get a long-handled brush with semi-hard bristles and gently clean your carpet to gather fur in clumps. Then, vacuum up the fur balls and the rest of your carpet. Brushing helps to loosen fur that is deep in the weave, making vacuuming much more efficient in picking up pet hair.

  1. You Don’t Have to Wear Fur Anymore!

We often hug our pets and roll around with them or unknowingly pick up fur from the couch when sitting on it. This scenario leads to fur clinging to our clothes which cannot be merely dusted off (not entirely, anyway). Even washing doesn’t seem to get out all the fur unless you do this first; put a dryer sheet (or two) and your clothes in the dryer for about ten minutes. The dryer sheet will pick up at least 80% of fur from your clothes while loosening the rest. You can wash off the remaining furs thereafter.

Remember, the best way to keep fur inside the home to a minimum is to brush your pets outside on a daily basis. If you find time to do this twice a day, go for it! Don’t be like some of those mean owners who keep their pets outside most of the time or shave them to avoid getting fur inside the house. Pets deserve to be treated like family because they are four-legged family members! In fact, the next time you plan a day out, why not make the WHOLE family a part of it? We hear Nashoba Valley Winery is a must-visit for Bolton MA residents and its pet-friendly too!