Easy and Effective Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Germs accumulate in your kitchen sink faster than most of us think. It’s not surprising, however, considering that this is where you wash raw meats, greasy dishes and deposit bacteria from your hands when you wash or rinse them in the sink. Furthermore, oil, natural or synthetic food color and other substances can stain and dull the sink on a daily basis. Hence, regular kitchen cleaning is a must, and with these great tips, you’ll be able to sanitize and maintain a clean kitchen sink! Check on some of the DIY cleaning hacks for your kitchen cleaning.

  1. Remove Food Chunks Immediately

Often we drop food bits and vegetable peels in the kitchen sink that clogs up the drain strainer. Not only does this stop dirty water from draining out quickly, but these food bits that form bacteria which then spread around your sink. Hence, it’s advisable to empty or clean the drain strainer as soon as food bits or particles start collecting in it.

  1. Kitchen Cleaning Needs Sanitation Regularly

Especially when you’ve washed raw meat or fish in your sink, sanitization is a necessity. Also, if you find soil kitchen with grease or oil, it’s time to sanitize! To do this, plug the drain and fill it up with warm-hot water; put in about two tablespoons of household bleach and give it a quick stir. You can leave it to sit (for 10 minutes), put on some rubber gloves, grab a scrubber, dip it in the water and clean your faucet and taps. When it’s time to drain out the water, pull the plug and scrub the sink as the water goes down. Lastly, rinse out the now sanitized sink, faucet and taps thoroughly.

  1. Bring Back the Shine

While you can use all-purpose cleaner or store-bought cleaning products for this, we prefer to use natural resources. Like Start by sprinkling a generous amount of baking soda around the sink; next, squeeze a lemon around to wet the baking soda and use the juiced lemon skins as your scrubbers. As you begin scrubbing the sink, the powder with a start to get sticky but that’s all right. Clean your sink thoroughly before you rinse it out to finish off. While this is enough to leave your sink clean and shiny, you could go a step ahead and buff it using lemon oil. Simply wipe the sink dry, pour a little lemon oil onto a clean kitchen cloth and start polishing! Don’t forget to buff your faucet and taps while you’re at it.

  1. Keeping Odors at Bay

Baking soda returns for this method. Often it’s the drain that causes a stink and not the kitchen sink. So while you’re doing your bit to keep the sink clean and fresh, your pipe needs some refreshing too. To do this, pour two-three spoons of baking soda down the drain, followed by white distilled vinegar. About half a cup should do the trick for two tablespoons of baking soda. You might see a bit of bubbling going on down there but don’t worry; it’s completely normal. And just like that, your kitchen sink drain will be cleaned and deodorized!

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