DIY Cleaning Hacks in Cleaning Hardwood Floors

DIY Cleaning Hacks

How to Maintain a Sparkling Hardwood Floors with DIY Cleaning Hacks

A lot of inquiries from existing and potential clients raised the same scenario regarding the maintenance of hardwood floors. Some customers insist on using oil soap, while others like vinegar. Some customers also prefer the acrylic “shine for a day” type products. With the numerous floor cleaning products available today, it’s easy to understand the confusion about the cleaning of hardwood floors.

DIY Cleaning Hacks You Can try at Home

A lot of popular oil soap is ideal for your wooden bookcases. Vinegar is great for salad dressing and “quickly shining” hardwood floors or making them glow well if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Vinegar and citrus products are acidic; ammonia is alkaline; oil soaps leave a residue that will eventually interfere with refinishing of the floor if it is needed and an acrylic miracle will wear off after a couple of days of traffic and make the floor look far worse than before you used it.

According to the National Wood Flooring Association, the best thing you can do for your wood floors is to clean them daily with a canister vacuum or dust mop and use a neutral Ph based cleaner where more aggressive cleaning is needed.

While sweeping or dust mopping your floors every day is certainly not feasible, it can be performed for a couple of times per week. Dirt particles will act like sandpaper and scratch the floors. Hardwood floors by design are not meant to be wet and too much water on a floor will cause warping, cracking, dulling and discoloration.

Effective and Easy DIY Cleaning Hacks on Floors

Use area rugs at entryways as well as in wet areas.  Having a mat at entryways will encourage people to wipe their feet and maybe even remove their shoes!  Using a mat in front of the kitchen sink or bathroom will prevent having sitting water on your hardwood floor. Asking guests to remove their shoes before entering is one of the best things you can do for your floors.   A woman of 125 pounds in high heels has an impact of 2,000 pounds per square inch. An exposed nail in the heel of that same 125 woman is the equivalent of 8,000 pounds per square inch. Yikes!  Ladies remove your high heels!

  • Don’t wet mop or use a lot of water to clean your floors. Think more along the lines of spot cleaning.
  • Don’t use wax, ammonia, oil or acidic cleaners on a urethane finish.
  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar on wood floors. A canister vacuum with a soft brush floor tool is appropriate
  • Do wipe up spills immediately. Try to get Fido’s muddy feet dry before he enters the home.
  • Do use a neutral ph based hardwood floor cleaner that the National Wood Flooring Association recommends.

Now if you are using the acrylic quick shine type cleaners on your floors on a regular basis; it may be an indication it is time for a sanding or screening of the floors to bring back that shine and luster.  All the cleaning and quick shining in the world will not take the place of a sanding and refinish of your floors.  If that is the case be sure to hire a house cleaning professional company that is knowledgeable about the different woods and finishes available.